Pondering on the deck

The Pondering Prophet is a blog where good things happen as we think, pray and prophesy together.  Agree or agree to disagree, we all share this time, this space and each other.  What a gift!

The Pondering Prophet was created in response to the urgings of my co-workers, congregants and readers of my sermons, teaching adventures and weekly religion column.  I am a United Methodist ordained elder (seminary and clinically trained).  I am the religion writer for our local paper (Jonesborough Herald and Tribune).  I am also a performing artist in the Jonesborough Storytelling Guild.  I am often called upon to preach, teach and tell stories at many a function.

This blog will cover a myriad of topics.  And it will appeal to those who know they do not have all the answers, yet find soulful nourishment in the journey of a good question pondered.  All topics will more than likely pertain to those in the pews as well as those in the pulpits and perhaps a philosopher or two.  We are all prophets for this time and this space.  Get ya blogroll on ya’ll because we kindle as roll!

One Pondering Prophet to anotheramy yeary holmes



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